If you roam the streets of Hong Kong

All Things Bright and Beautiful

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This is a book of the non-touristy, but always interesting, ever-changing streets I walk on every day. Although Hong Kong is going through some hard times, I will always be proud to call Hong Kong home.

- Accordion book, 16 pages
- Language: English
- Size: 14.8 (L) x 10.5 (W) cm
- Full length: 14.8 x 84cm

If you roam the streets of Hong Kong,
angry cars honk as they please.
Buildings grow taller by the second
as pigeons poop from trees.

A pink airplane flies by
taking people to and fro
Nothing stays the same for long.
Things come and they go.

Shadows grow long
and dusk turns to night.
People stay strong
till dark becomes light.

You will see shadows
on the streets that you roam…
But look for the light
in this place we call home.