Jetstream Interchangeable Cufflinks


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- Size: 2.3 (Diameter) x 1 (Height) cm

- Material: Titanium, Ceramic, Swarovski crystal

- Feature: Interchangeable inlets

- Quantity: 2 pairs (1 pair of cufflink base, 1 pair of ceramic inlet, 1 pair of titanium inlet)

- Style:
*Titanium Silver (Base): Blue ceramic ring on titanium silver body with white crystal (ceramic inlet) x Metallic grey & black crystal (titanium inlet)

*Metallic Grey (Base): Blue ceramic ring on metallic grey body with black crystal (ceramic inlet) x Metallic grey & white crystal (titanium inlet)

The new Jetstream series transforms jet engine inspired concepts into tremendously exceptional interchangeable cufflinks. Near-instant, the bright ceramic rings vividly illuminate the full-titanium cufflinks and with excellent materials selection and creativity, it truly gives a high as the sky feeling.