Yishu: Journal Of Contemporary Chinese Art (Spring/Summer 2021)

Art & Collection Group Ltd.

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- Size: 29.8 (L) x 17.8 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 142 pages

- Language: English

- Publisher:  Art & Collection Group Ltd. 2021

Volume 20, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2021

Inside this issue

Historical Watermarks: Tao Yongbai Reveals the Unwritten Histories of Women Artists in China
by Xie Congyang
p. 8

Moving in Step with the Century: Tracing the Historical Footfalls of Chinese Women’s Art
by Tao Yongbai
p. 9

The Latest F Word: Undercurrents of Feminism in the Practices of Four Chinese Women Artists
by Julie Chun
p. 21

After Communism and Capitalism: On Jen Liu’s Political Economy of Matter
by Stephanie Bailey
p. 37

On Representations of Sex and Race in Ye Funa’s Odalisque Funa and After Dinner Party
by Clara Che Wei Peh
p. 47

Censorship and Stereotypes of Senior Women in Chinese Visual Culture
by Yan Zhou
p. 57

A Queer Way of Life: Ren Hang’s Photograph
by Anthony Hongwei Bao
p. 67

Angels Wear White: Sexuality, Marriage, Family, Sisterhood, and a New Feminist Consciousness in Chinese Films
by Andrew Stooke
p. 81

I am your Monolith, 2020
by Zhang O
p. 90

A Diary of the Lockdown Lifted
by Zhang Zhihao
p. 99

The Record of the Month of Wu Yin in the Year of Gengzi
by Lan Lan
p. 100

Returns to the
Homeplace: Personal Topographies of Memory in Contemporary Art from China
by Roberto Figliulo
p. 105

More than Forms: Decoding Circles in the Works of Zhang Jianjun and Yu Youhan
by Li Yiqing
p. 113

Resistance Is Not Always Futile: Reflecting on Taiwanese Art Collective Nation Oxygen
by Hsu Shih-Yu
p. 129

Miffed About Miffy: Feng Feng Stirs Up an Age-old Debate on Artistic Shanzhai
by Gu Ling
p. 137