Letterpress Food Notecard - Dim Sum

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- Size: 11 (L) x 11 (W) cm

- Material: Letterpress Printed on 100% Cotton Paper, with matching 12.7 (L) x 12.7 (W) cm envelope

- Feature: Blank in the back

- Style: BBQ pork bun (Cha Siu Bao) / Shrimp Dumpling (har gau)/ Pork Dumpling (siu mai)

Good Food Good Mood.

Yummy food brings friends together. What's your favourite food in Hong Kong?

Dim Sum - BBQ pork bun (Cantonese: Cha Siu Bao) / shrimp dumpling (Cantonese: har gau) / Dim Sum - pork dumpling (Cantonese: siu mai) yum cha also known as going for dim sum is the Cantonese tradition of brunch involving Chinese tea and dim sum. Yum cha generally involves small portions of steamed, pan-fried, and deep-fried dim sum dishes served in bamboo steamers, which are designed to be eaten communally and washed down with tea. People often go to yum cha in large groups for family get-togethers or celebrations. It's a comfort tea that Hong Kong people grow up with.