Dragon (“Long Xing” by Chelsia Lau)

Project Twelve

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- Title: Long Xing

- Artist: Chelsia Lau

- Size: 96.5 (L) x 31.6 (W) x 53.5 (H) cm (Sculpture only)

- Weight: 3.8 kg (Sculpture only)

- Material: Lati Wood (Amphimas Pterocarpoides), Gold Foil

- Limited Edition: 12 pieces


Project Twelve is a cultural and design exploration of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Long Xing incorporates the audacious essence of the running script (Xing Shu) in Chinese calligraphy; the sculpture precipitates elegant simplicity with dignified vigor of style. Strong brushstrokes outline the gallant features of Long Xing, delineating its body from head to tail agilely. The sculpture captures the infinitesimal flux of movement, solidifying the energy into a tangible piece of cursive calligraphy.

The defined edges juxtaposed with taut surfaces express an innate commanding presence. Precise craftsmanship and the refined woodgrain accentuates the depth of the dynamic form. Long Xing springs a potent energy to be released to soar; a new visual experience is generated from every viewing angle. The sculpture comes alive with a touch of gold elements manifesting its imperial grandeur; it is the perfect embodiment of the mythical creature from the skies.


“My design philosophy is to imbue each design with a soul and personality that fuels imagination, dreams and emotions through the blend of speed, timelessness and sophistication.”

“As a unique Chinese zodiac, Dragon amalgamates the richness of 5000 years of Chinese culture characterized by the virtue of perseverance, the pursuit of advancement and the spirit of self-actualization.”

“My inspiration for the Dragon sculpture (Long Xing) is drawn from the powerful strokes of Chinese Calligraphy. Long Xing captures a strong sense of speed, direction and potent energy ready to soar.”

Chelsia Lau is an Automotive Designer with 20 years of global design experience. Most recently, she is the Chief Designer, Ford Design Strategic Concepts Group. Her design achievements have earned her international recognitions including World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer in 2006. Chelsia holds a B.S. degree with honors in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and a diploma in Product Design from Lee Wai Lee Technical Institute in Hong Kong.