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location: LG Level, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

- Round “bi” disc with longevity character clip earrings

- Size: 1.5 (Diameter) cm

- Materials: Natural jadeite, Sterling silver

- Designed in Hong Kong, Handcrafted in Guangzhou (2003)

Bi Disc: the symbol of peace. The round shape represents the heavens and in ancient times this disc was considered the "Ear of Heaven." The jade piece represents a thanksgiving for all the precious and natural resources that have been endowed by heaven for the continuation of human lives generation by generation. In later times, jade was given as a gift to express friendship and a strong bond between two parties.

Beginning over three thousand years ago, jade became a stone with profound mystical and spiritual connotations. A craftsman’s hands breathed life into the stone, first creating objects to honor heaven and earth and later jewelry to empower the wearer. Until very recently, access to jade was limited to rulers and the most elite members of society. It is only in our contemporary times is this gemstone, its beauty and power, available to those who seek it.

According to ancient Chinese wisdom and emerging contemporary science, when you consciously connect to the power of the universe (Qi - life force) in nature and within yourself you will tap amazing promise. The Promise of the Qi is that it can be purposefully cultivated to empower, heal and maximize you and support harmony and balance in your life, your family, your community and even the world. The masters say, "You gain the potential to maximize yourself and pursue your preferred future when you cultivate Qi.”