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Description: Suitable for all ages and genders, our jigsaw puzzle is eco-friendly and can be enjoyed again and again – alone or with company. Made with premium materials, and a textured surface, this is a beautiful keepsake for anyone connected to Hong Kong. 

Illustrated maps are a way to recreate, commemorate and celebrate a beloved place, offering a fun way to learn more about an area’s geography. This marvellous example is painstakingly created with colourful drawings and hand-written place names,  offering a whimsical, idealistic and fond representation of Hong Kong for all who know and love it.

On the reverse side 'To Kwa Wan' located to the west of the old Kai Tak Airport. The area is well-known for its much-valued and cohesive community spirit. Photograph by Marcus Koppen.

-Top quality textured surface
-Fully recyclable
-Made of FSC paper, as standard
-70 x 50 cm
-Felt puzzle mats are also available at LRP