Market Day

Adarna House

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- Size: 21.5 (L) x 26 (W) cm

- Binding: paperback, 24 pages

- Language: English

- Authors: Syafiqah Ahmadsafri, Kora D. Albano, Jane Cho, Gina, Wipawee Juntarawong, Lee Xin Li, Lim Mei Yee, Phuong Thai My, Ounla Santi, Soeurm Kakada

- Publisher: Adarna House, 2014

The picture book, which paints delightful pictures of what a day in the market is like in different ASEAN countries, features 10 different countries represented by 10 different book creators: Syafiqah Ahmadsafri (Brunei), Kora D. Albano (Philippines), Jane Cho (Myanmar), Gina (Indonesia), Wipawee Juntarawong (Thailand), Lee Xin Li (Singapore), Lim Mei Yee (Malaysia), Phuong Thai My (Vietnam), Ounla Santi (Laos), and Soeurm Kakada (Cambodia).