Market Play 玩轉街市桌遊

Mindopoly Development Limited

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- Size: 19 (L) x 29.5 (W) x 4 (H) cm

- Weight: 650g

- Includes: Market magnet base plate, 32 accessories, shopping cart magnet plate, banknotes and coins (39 pieces in total), price list, shopping list


"Market Play" takes the Hong Kong market as the theme, and uses daily necessities (egg tarts, fried crab, fried crab, steamed fish, white sliced chicken, etc.) to attract children from kindergarten to primary school to learn trading, currency use and language expression.

The board game is equipped with simulated currency, including "cents", which are rarely included in the market, and uses the most practical method to help children experience trading, exchange, understand currency, and build up financial management concepts.

How to play:

1) Classify items by store

2) Parents write the price on the price list (adjusted according to the child's level)

3) Children use money to buy needed items

4) Carry out purchase and renewal operations

5) According to the items on the shopping list / shopping - training memory / expression ability

6) You can customize the shopping list

「玩轉街市」以香港街市為主題,用生活化物品 (蛋撻叉燒炒蟹蒸魚白切雞等等)吸引幼稚園至小學孩子學習買賣、貨幣運用及言語表達。



2)家長將價錢寫上價格表上 (因應孩子程度調整)



5)根據購物清單上物品/餸shopping - 訓練記憶力/表達能力

6)可以自訂shopping list