MNEME® - Keychain - AMBER

MUSEO Limited

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- Size: 2.9 (L) x 1.7 (W) x 12.3 (H) cm

- Suitable for 15+ year old


Featuring fashionable cheongsams, traditional lion masks and pressed business suits, our first Hong Kong collection exemplifies the cross-cultural, ever-evolving culture of this distinctive city. 

The design of MNEME® was inspired by everything from the leading contemporary artists to cultural heritage from various cities.

The figure has a simplified human shape. Each figure features four body parts: perfectly round head, torso, arms, and lower body, either with legs or with skirt. This minimal form of simplified human shape allows MNEME® to have consistent yet limitless variety of designs and flexibility to accommodate all sorts of visuals.


Hong Kong is phonetic translation of the city name 香港 and was named after the meaning “fragrant harbour”, a truly romantic name for a harbour city.

Traditional and modern, old and new merge to create Hong Kong's distinctive culture. Banks and trading houses occupied the skyscrapers that define Hong Kong's skyline. There are traces of Hong Kong's colonial past as well as traditional markets tucked in the narrow alleys, and remarkable green oasis amongst the jungle of concrete. The trams, taxis, ferries, dim sum bamboo steamers and mah-jong tables next to the towering buildings, all of these are the Hong Kong culture and symbols of the city.