Monkey Borrows the Palmleaf Fan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

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- Size: 18.4 (L) x 21 (W) cm

- Binding: Paperback, 68 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Pamela Youde

- Publisher: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2022

Tripitaka and his three disciples, Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy, were chosen to undertake a pilgrimage to India, during which they came across all sorts of dangers and difficulties. This time, the Flaming Mountain blocked their way, and they needed a little help from the Princess Iron Fan and Bull Demon, well, parents of the Red Boy, who wanted to eat up Tripitaka and was just defeated by Monkey. Things never go smooth for them!

My Favourite Chinese Stories is a collection of three Chinese stories specially selected and retold in English for young readers. The first story is from Chinese mythology, while the other two are from classical Chinese literature. They are widely known to the Chinese people, and reflect, in varying degrees, some of the essential characteristics of Chinese culture. Each story is accompanied by beautiful full-colour illustrations drawn by Lo King-man as well as audio narration by the author Pamela Youde.