My Hong Kong Notebook

Lorette E. Roberts

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- Size: 21 (L) x 16 (W) cm (Measurement includes spiral binding).

- Feature: Bound with a spiral wire binding, allow the book to be laid flat

- Include: 168 pages, with ten black and white pencil drawing of boats and ships in and around the harbour repeated as above / familiar Hong Kong icons on every alternate leaf repeated throughout the notebook.

- Style: "Paint the Town!" / "All at Sea!"

An author, illustrator, and sketch artist, Lorette is best-known for her wonderfully illustrated sketch books, depicting through beautifully crafted drawings and paintings the minutia of life in Hong Kong.

As the UK-based former expat, Lorette settled in Hong Kong in 1997 and returned to the UK in 2006, but she comes to Hong Kong to catch up on life in Asia and hold the artist workshops every year.