Orientations Nov Dec 2021

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- Size: 28.6 (L) x 21.1 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 116 pages

- Language: English

- Publisher: Orientations Magazine Limited, 2021


Regina Krahl. On the Forefront of Research: Breakthrough Lectures at the Oriental Ceramic Society

Stacey Pierson. A Collecting Friendship: Sir Percival David, Oscar Raphae, and the Oriental Ceramic Society

Rosemary Scott. Exhibitions, the Oriental Ceramic Society, and China

Tianlong Jiao and Douglas Wagner. Linking Asia with the Mile High City: The Revitalization of the Denver Art Museum Asian Art Galleries in 2021

Tianlong Jiao. Recontextualizing Contemporary Chinese Art at the Denver Art Museum

Kobayashi Hitoshi. Culmination of Beauty: The National Treasure Yuteki Tenmoku Tea Bowl in the Collection of The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

Andrew Topsfield. Whither Mulla Two-Onions? A Page from the Udaipur Mulla Dopiyaza Series

Anne N. Feng. The Aesthetics of Anxiety: Notes on Ice in Chinese Art