The Hong Konger Anthology

Sophia Hotung

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- Size: 25.4 (L) x 17.78 (W) cm

- Binding: Paperback, 160 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Sophia Hotung

- Features:

70 Hong Konger prints

70 city-centric poems

Artist’s notes on the secret meanings behind each Hong Konger

The perfect Christmas gift for any Hong Konger

The Hong Konger collection started as a way to pass the time. Bored and bed-ridden with a slew of autoimmune diseases that no longer responded to treatment, Sophia Hotung started making Hong Kong versions of New Yorker magazine covers as a joke to share with friends. The joke snowballed, however, and the hobby gained traction, leading to exhibitions, expos, and now a book.

The Hong Konger Anthology features 70 of Hotung’s favourite covers alongside a compendium of zany, thoughtful, and satirical poems that subvert and adapt elements of well-known western and Chinese poetry just as The Hong Konger prints subvert and adapt The New Yorker covers. All this as a celebration of Hong Kong’s melting pot of synthesised international and local influences.