Private Space Postcard 私人空間明信片

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- Size: 14.5 (L) x 10.5 (W) cm

- Feature: Set of 12 postcards

- Designed by Sandy Choi

- Inspired by
  Private space, Hong Kong Poster, 2004
  Sandy Choi  |  
Hong Kong Heritage Museum Collection

Living in a cramped condition does not mean that one cannot keep some private space for himself. Each postcard in this set of 12 reproduces an image of toilet from a poster on ‘Private Space, Hong Kong’ and tells stories of local families.
The amusing design reflects faithfully the living conditions in Hong Kong.

About the designer
Sandy Choi set up his own design consultancy 'Sandy Choi Associates Limited' in 1997. He has won numerous local and international accolades in the past years and is also a member of the prestigious D&AD (British Design & Art Direction). Apart from serving jury panels on various international design competitions and exhibitions, Choi contributes to the local creative art scene by nurturing the next generation of designers as a part-time lecturer.


- 蔡楚堅 設計

- 靈感來源
  蔡楚堅    香港文化博物館藏品