Ru Tu

Project Twelve

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- Size (Mini Size - Set of 2)
*Left: 4 (L) x 5.5 (W) x 3 (H) cm
*Right: 5 (L) x 6.5 (W) x 5 (H) cm
*Box: 16 (L) x 7 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm
*Weight: 214 g

- Size (Palm Size): 
*Sculpture: 8 (L) x 10 (W) x 8 (H) cm
*Box: 15 (L) x 15 (W) x 8.5 (H) cm
*Weight: 502 g 

- Material: Composite Stone

- Style: Mini Size (Set of 2) / Palm Size

Project Twelve is a cultural and design exploration of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac. In 2011, the partnership with Cynthia Sah, an established contemporary sculptor residing in Italy, has given birth to Ru Tu, a minimalist and serene marble rabbit.

Project Twelve transforms Ru Tu into two limited editions. The minimalist curves of Ru Tu and the smooth surface of the marble evoke tranquillity and innocence. The elegance of Ru Tu makes it a pleasant gift in various occasions, sending one’s most sincere blessings to the recipients. They are lovely as wedding gifts or baby shower presents.