Sauntering through My City – Serial Works by Tang Ying Chi

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- Size: 26 (L) x 20 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 160 pages + poster and stickers pages

- Language: Chinese, English

- Publisher: brownie publishing ltd., 2017

"Sauntering through My City – Serial Works by Tang Ying Chi" is the latest book of the artist, edited by art historian Dr. Lai Mei Lin, in which representative works created by the artist in different stages of her career are showcased. Apart from a brief introduction to the works in each of the first three chapters, the book also includes the academic articles by three local scholars including Frank Vigneron, Blues Wong, and Christian Chan as well as a preface detailing Tang Ying Chi’s artistic concepts, objectives and expectations. A centerfold poster and stickers are also attached to the book with a view to facilitating the conduction of interactive and creative activities in primary and secondary schools as well as broadening the base of potential readers. Sauntering through My City is a blend of words, images, theories and educational purposes, which warrants it to be an unprecedented attempt by a contemporary Hong Kong artist.