Sonny Triple Nylon Handbag

Amy Sacks HK

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- Size (Small): 24 (L) x 15 (W) cm

- Size (Medium): 24 (L) x 20.5 (W) cm

- Size (Large): 24 (L) x 27 (W) cm

- Detachable & adjustable strap: 76 - 127 (L) cm

- Material: Nylon

- Style: Jungle Combo / Berry Combo / Ocean Combo / Spice Combo / Cafe combo / Black with Gold Hardware

Meet Sonny, the triple nylon everyday/every way bag. The very definition of compartmentalizing!

The "Sonny" comes with three different size bags and an adjustable strap. Wear one, two or all three, simply add or remove them using the easy-open silver rings. Sonny is available in a full rainbow of color combinations and is fully lined with a custom designed Asian Fu print. Finally, each bag features different Chinese "Fu" symbols meaning Love, Peace and Happiness.