Storm Whale

Auspicious Times

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Programon 24 June 2020[WEBCAST] Young Adventurers’ Book Club: Storm Whale

- Size: 27.1 (L) x 24.7 (W) cm

- Author: Sarah Brennan

- Illustrated by: Jane Tanner

- Illustrator: Auspicious Times, 2017

Storm Whale is about three sisters walk to the beach on a windy day to find a huge whale beached on the shore. The girls try everything to help the poor whale, throwing endless buckets of water over its giant body to keep it alive. An encroaching storm sends the girls home where they spend a restless night worrying about the whale. The storm washes up all sorts of litter onto the beach and carries the whale back into the ocean where it belongs.

“Storm Whale” is a book with a powerful, poetic text, and great to read aloud. The illustrations are full of life and movement. The strong sense of atmosphere and striking portrait of the whale enhance the interest while reading.

Illustrated by Australian Prize-winning illustrator Jane Tanner, the story was inspired by the author’s childhood holidays in Tasmania. The book in Australia was short-listed for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2018 and Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards; and the Runner Up in the Teach Primary Awards and long-listed for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal 2018 in UK.