Super Safety Kids Board Games


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- Size : 33 (L) x 22 (W) x 4.5 (H) cm

- Materials: Paper and mixed materials

- Suitable for 3+ year old

The set is a well-designed board game to teach children some golden rules to protect themselves when they step out of parents’ supervision. It fully stimulates children’s curiosity and thirst of knowledge, allowing them to explore and cognise a big and complex world from a table top. Topics covered are general safety inside and outside home as well as sex education. There are 5 different settings including: park, street, canteen, classroom and playground.

Every parent would want to bless the little one(s) being forever safe and healthy. It is just we can never keep them in our radar 24/7. Ultimately, what we can do is to teach them how to look after themselves and become independent. I am stunned when I discovered this board game. What a perfect way to teach! It would allow parents to touch on the health and safety topics but avoiding being either so nagging or too vague.