The Boat Race

Goldenford Publishers Ltd

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Program 30 September 2020: Young Adventurers’ Book Club: The Boat Race

- Size: 19.7 (L) x 13 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 224 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Anjali Mittal

- Publisher: Goldenford Publishers Ltd, 2014

When Zack returns home to a sleepy town in the heart of Africa, he thinks he is in for a dreary summer holiday.

With two lazy sisters and a bunch of bullies in the town, there is not much hope for him.

It all changes when he forms a friendship with Kante, his new ‘rafiki’.

One stormy day they decide to have a paper boat race, which leads them into the most extraordinary adventure of their lives, taking them into an enchanted kingdom.

Zack and Kante must save the Banana people, a tribe from several moons beyond. With Ria, the Banana King’s daughter, they set off on their mission. Armed with their new-found powers to talk to animals, they encounter Herbert the hippo, Serena the saddle-billed stork and many other creatures. With the help from Maasai warriors they embark on a journey to Africa’s great zebra and wildebeest migration.

Can two eleven-year-old boys save the Banana people?

A story of friendship, mystical creatures and the magic of a million stars of love and kindness. Above all, a story of Africa.