The GodSpeed Towel


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- Size: 80 (L) x 37 (W) cm 

- Material: Microfibre

- Style: Red / White / Blue

- Feature: Fade proof print / Quick drying / Super absorbent / Celebrates a legend

- Machine Washable 

It's difficult to write something about the Good Luck towel (In some cases a Good Morning Towel) that hasn't already been said.

It is after all such an iconic piece of printed cotton fabric. A symbol of hard work, perseverance, colonial history and the regions unique culture.

We wanted to celebrate this with our own modern take. A towel for all occasions. Something handy to have around when needed. 

Our Godspeed towel speaks to the adventurous side of human nature, with "一路順風" wishing you safe travels in life.

So wherever you decide to head, whether it's Victoria Peak or Mount Everest, Godspeed, and remember to bring a towel.