The Heritage Hiker's Guide to Hong Kong

Formasia Books Ltd

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- Size: 21 (L) x 15 (W) cm

- Binding: softcover, 383 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Pete Spurrier

- Publisher: Formasia Books Ltd, 2012

In terms of Chinese dynasties, Hong Kong’s history has been short - but its tale has been told by a cosmopolitan cast of traders and taipans, adventurers and assassins, refugees and revolutionaries. And despite the city’s pace of change, traces of this colourful past can still be found.

Let this walking guide show you the way. Hidden behind Hong Kong’s modern facade, there are wartime tunnels, backstreet shophouses, ancient shrines and colonial forts - and there’s a story to each one. With clear maps and archive photography, this book will lead you on your own explorations of Hong Kong’s heritage.