The Ink Trail: Hong Kong

Blacksmith Books

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- Size: 21 (L) x 14.2 (W) cm

- Binding : Handcover, 96 pages

- Language: English

- Author: Andreas von Buddenbrock

- Publisher: Blacksmith Books, 2024

For years, Andreas von Buddenbrock – also known as “The Ink Trail” – has been filling sketchbook after sketchbook with ink drawings that all aim to capture the places and people he comes across; from market stalls and their vendors to high rises and dilapidated buildings to lush, winding nature trails.

The Ink Trail: Hong Kong offers a selection of his best drawings, from the start of his journey in 2017 to the end of 2023. Step into the world of an ink-pen artist as he guides you around the diverse locations of Hong Kong, offering personal anecdotes, thoughts behind his creative process and more.