Time will tell / anothermountainman x stanley wong / 40 years of work

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- Size: 23.2 (L) x 15.3 (W) x 5.2 (H)

- Binding: Hardback, 660 pages

- Language: English and Chinese 

- Author: Stanley Wong (anothermountainman)

- Publisher: The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd, 2019


comprehensive presentation of 40 years of creative work by anothermountainman and Stanley Wong. covering nearly 100 pieces of work from a wide range of fields, including graphic design, advertisement creation and production, spatial design, clothing design, photography, documentary production, art works and creative curation.

there are also 19 guest contributors from art, culture and creative sectors writing articles to analyze anothermountainman and Stanley as well as his creations. 

"it's about time, on the long journey, let's reflect on what the relationship between time and our existence, lives and living really is."

to connect with the new generation, with creativeness, and with time,

as a testimony of the past and present, then back to the beginning, and start all over again.