Tiny Island Acetate Chopstick Set


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- Size: 14.8 (W) x 21 (H) cm

- Weight: 134g

- Style: Light Set / Dark Set 

Comes as a "light" or "dark" set of 2 pairs of chopsticks
Chestnut & Taro is the "light" set /
Herbal Jelly & Almond/Sesame head up the "dark" set 

- Feature: 7.5mm at the hand with a 4mm tip / Hand made and polished to perfection / Comes in a nice slide-out paper gift box / Wash by hand only / Do not leave in direct sunlight / Do not freeze / Do not use abrasive cleaners

Eat your heart out!

I don't know about you, but there's a very soft spot in my largest muscle for Chinese Desserts.

Something about the textures, colours and utter sweetness that really speaks to me.

So here's my ode to 糖水 in general with a few of my favourites and some I haven't even tried:

Light Set

馬蹄露 - Water Chestnut Soup with Egg

芋圓 - Mixed Taro Ball

Dark Set

涼粉 - Herbal Jelly

芝麻合桃露 - Almond and Sesame Soup

This celebration of sugar shares the spotlight with one of my all time favourite materials, cellulose acetate. What a gorgeous invention it is. Non-toxic, totally old school and with a colour depth and translucency that out of this world.

So I hope you enjoy these hand made chopsticks as much as I enjoyed making them come to life.

The product nobody asked for, but everyone will fall in love with!

And yes, none of these desserts are eaten with chopsticks. (Except maybe a taro ball...)