Tropical Fish Sudoku Board Games


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- Size : 23 (L) x 17 (W) x 4 (H) cm

- Materials: Paper

- Suitable for 4+ year old

As a long popular digital puzzle game, Sudoku originated from Switzerland in the 18th century. The player infers the numbers in all remaining spaces according to the known numbers on the chess board, and ensures that the horizontal and vertical numbers do not repeat. The game logic of Sudoku is simple, and the number arrangement is everchanging, which can significantly exercise observation, concentration, reactivity and logicality.

In the TOI fish tank,there are six different colors of tropical fish. Every morning, they like to meet different kinds of friends to find food, one by one. However, there are so many kinds of fishs, and they do not know how to line up! Come and help these hungry fish line up so that they can eat!